What is Fairfax VA famous for?

Fairfax County General Information: Fairfax County is home to hospitals that rank as best in the region by US News & World Reports. With 116 million square feet of space (and growing), Fairfax County has the second largest suburban office market in the United States and the largest in the Washington, DC area.

Who founded Fairfax VA?

Lord Thomas Fairfax
Fairfax County, founded in 1742, was named for Lord Thomas Fairfax who received a land grant of five million acres from King Charles II of England. The region once included what is now Loudoun County, along with Arlington County and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church.

When was Fairfax City established?

The City of Fairfax began as the Town of Providence in 1805, a community built around the Fairfax County Courthouse, completed in 1800 at the corner of Little River Turnpike and Ox Road. The area was a crossroads of conflict during the American Civil War with hardships and disrupted lives for everyone.

Why is Fairfax not in Fairfax County?

The county seat is Fairfax, although because it is an independent city under Virginia law, the city of Fairfax is not part of Fairfax County.

Is Fairfax Virginia a good place to live?

Fairfax is a suburb of Washington, D.C. and is one of the best places to live in Virginia. Fairfax is also known for highly-rated public schools, well-organized public transportation, and amazing taxicab service in the vicinity, at great prices. Essentially, the city’s got it all you need for a good life!

Is Fairfax an independent city?

The City of Fairfax, Virginia, is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The six-square-mile jurisdiction in the heart of Northern Virginia was founded in 1805 as the Town of Providence. The City of Fairfax was established as the independent city in 1961.

Is Fairfax VA expensive?

Residents of Fairfax County need to make $4,754 every month to maintain a modest standard of living, making it the most expensive place to live in Virginia. The monthly housing cost in Fairfax County, the biggest expense, was $1,637. …

What is a livable salary in Fairfax Virginia?

Living Wage Calculation for Fairfax County, Virginia

0 Children 2 Children
Living Wage $19.92 $37.18
Poverty Wage $6.13 $12.60
Minimum Wage $7.25 $7.25