What is Oracle WebCenter imaging?

Oracle WebCenter Imaging combines multiple Oracle technologies, providing a streamlined document imaging platform on which numerous business solutions can be built by leveraging image enablement, application extension, and long term archiving.

What is WebCenter capture?

Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture provides organizations with a single system to capture both paper and electronic documents. Capture supports both centralized and distributed image capture from a user-friendly web interface capable of using high-volume, production-level scanners.

How do I install Oracle WebCenter content?

To create schemas for Oracle WebCenter Content applications:

  1. Unzip the ZIP file containing the Repository Creation Utility, and then start RCU with the bin/rcu or BIN\rcu.
  2. Welcome screen.
  3. Create Repository screen.
  4. Database Connection Details screen.
  5. Select Components screen.
  6. Schema Passwords screen.
  7. Map Tablespaces screen.

What is Oracle intelligent recognition?

Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition is a learning-based intelligent document recognition (IDR) solution that can recognize, categorize and extract information from any type of document.

What is OCR file in Oracle RAC?

Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) The OCR contains cluster and database configuration information for RAC and Cluster Ready Services (CRS) such as the cluster node list, and cluster database instances to node mapping, and CRS application resource profiles. The OCR is a shared file located in a cluster file system.

What is Oracle accounting hub?

Oracle Fusion Cloud Accounting Hub is a robust accounting engine that integrates and aligns information from virtually any source system to consistently enforce accounting policies and meet multiple reporting requirements, giving you the agility, control, and insight needed to run your business.

What is the maximum count of OCR files in cluster?

five OCR locations
You can have up to five OCR locations. However, each successive run must point to a different disk group.

How can I check my OCR status?

OCR integrity check passed Verification of OCR integrity was successful. Step 1 :- Stop cluster on each node (as Root user)….Oracle Cluster Registry in RAC (OCR)

  1. cluster database instance to node mapping.
  2. cluster node list.
  3. CRS application resource profiles.
  4. Local listener & scan listener.
  5. VIP,Scan IP & Services.

What modules are included in Oracle Financials?

Oracle’s EBS Financials Modules include General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Cash Management (CM), and Fixed Assets (FA). There are several sub-modules that are also included like iExpense, FSG (Financial Statement Generator), ADI (Desktop Integrator), Workflow, and Oracle Payments.

Is Oracle used for accounting?

Oracle Financials Accounting Hub (FAH) allows you to efficiently create detailed, auditable, reconcilable accounting from a variety of source systems. It includes an accounting transformation engine with extensive validations plus accounting and rules repositories. Oracle E-Business Suite Learning Subscription.

How do I know if my OCR is backed up?

First check exact location of automatic OCR backup location using “ocrconfig -showbackup” command. Because this automatic backup of OCR is physical copies of Oracle Cluster Registry. There is no need to bring down Cluster to take this physical backup of OCR.

What are the wait events in Oracle?

Oracle Wait Events and Solution

  • Buffer Busy Wait:
  • Db File Sequential Read :
  • Enq: TX – row lock contention :
  • Enq: TM – index contention :
  • Row Cache Lock Wait :
  • Read by Other Session :

What do you need to know about Oracle WebCenter imaging?

Oracle WebCenter Content: Imaging provides organizations with a scalable solution that can be used to develop process-oriented imaging applications and image-enablement solutions for enterprise applications. This application is available as part of the Oracle WebCenter Content suite of tools.

What is the purpose of Oracle WebCenter content?

Oracle WebCenter Content: Imaging provides architectural features designed to help business managers simplify the process of building imaging solutions.

Which is image capture software does Oracle use?

It offers industry-standard image capture from scanners and flexible indexing options. It provides a learning-based intelligent document recognition solution that can recognize, categorize and extract information from any type of document.

Are there newsletters for Oracle WebCenter content products?

Oracle offers a quarterly newsletter for those interested in WebCenter technologies, including WebCenter Content. See a sample edition of the newsletter. And, learn how to subscribe to Oracle’s Newsletters. Are you looking to provide product management feedback on Oracle WebCenter Content products and influence the product roadmap?