What is the Camaro LT package?

CAMARO LT TRIMS The 1LT style has 275 hp, 2.0L turbocharged engine, 18-inch aluminum wheels, a power 8-way driver’s seat and 6-way passenger seats, rear vision camera, LED daytime running lights, and USB ports.

What is a 1974 Camaro worth?

Base price for the six-cylinder was $2,827, while the base V-8 started at $3,039 and the Camaro LT luxury coupe at $3,380.

What engine came in a 1974 Camaro?

The Z28 package for 1974 included a 350ci L82 small-block V-8 that was rated at 245 net horsepower. This was clearly a performance-oriented engine, with four-bolt mains, a forged steel crank, impact-extruded aluminum pistons, and heat-treated and shotpeened rods.

What does the Camaro LT stand for?

Luxury Touring
LT= Luxury Touring. LS= Luxury Sport.

Is Rs better than SS?

The RS is governed faster than a SS without the package. If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.

How much horsepower does a 1973 Camaro have?

Producing 285 HP and 280 lb-ft of torque, it was the most powerful V-8 a Camaro could have in 1973. A Turbo 400 automatic transmission feeds the power to a 3.42:1 rear end, lending tremendously civil power delivery.

How much horsepower does a 1970 Camaro have?

Second Generation – 1970-81 As engineers worked to meet these new requirements, the industry saw dramatic reductions in engine compression, horsepower and torque. Camaro output peaked in 1970, with 375 hp and 415 lb-ft, but by 1975 the most powerful V-8 model offered only 155 hp.

Is a Camaro LT a V8?

Like the SS, the Camaro LT1 uses the same 6.2-liter V8 good for 455 horsepower and offers the same two transmissions. But unlike the more-expensive SS, the LT1 only has a handful of features, losing things like magnetic ride control and leather seating, in particular, making for a relatively basic V8 sports car.

Is the Camaro ZL1 wider than SS?

I did a quick look with a tape measure on track width (outside of tire) and found my ZL1 to be roughly 3″ wider than a standard SS.

Where can I buy a 1974 Chevy Camaro?

LRA Auto Museum and Sales is pleased to offer this 1974 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 finished in Bright Yel 1974 Camaro Type LT Very nice original car with one repaint and low miles.

What is the engine code for a 1974 Camaro?

Fifth digit is engine code: D = 250ci, H = 350ci 2bbl, K = 350ci 4bbl, L = 350ci 4bbl, T = 350ci (Z28) Sixth digit is model year: 4 = 1974 Seventh digit is N for Norwood assembly. Last six digits increased one with each car built at Norwood.

What was the gas tank on a 1974 Camaro?

Only year seat belt interlock used (killed in mid year actually) Power steering standard on all V8’s. Bumper jack changed to a tab-in-slot type (due to bumper construction). Gas tank increased from 18 to 21 gallons. Z28 got HEI in mid-season.

What’s the name of the second generation Camaro?

There seems to be an undeniable fact in the hobby right now: Second-generation Camaros are red hot, Z28 Camaro This Camaro has went threw frame off restoration. It is a 1974 Z28 During resto Ch