What is the station code of Puri?

Puri Railway station
Puri Railway station is situated in Puri, Odisha. Station code of Puri is PURI. Here are some trains that are passing through Puri railway station like Purushottam Exp, Purshottam Exp, Nandan Kanan Exp, Nandan Kanan Ex, Dhauli Exp, Dhauli Exp, Hwh Puri Exp, and many more.

What is the name of Puri railway station?

Puri railway station is a Terminal train station and serves Puri, the seashore temple city in the Indian state of Odisha….Puri railway station.

Status Functioning
Station code PURI
Zone(s) East Coast Railway zone
Division(s) Khurda Road

Which station code is SRE?

Saharanpur Railway Station
Saharanpur Railway Station(station code – SRE) is well-connected to all major Indian cities.

What is sikandrabad station code?

Secunderabad Jn Railway Station(station code – SC) is well-connected to all major Indian cities.

Which train is available for Puri?

Puri Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Puri Arrives M
Shm Puri Superfast Express (22835) 05:55 N
Puri Digha Express (22878) Starts N
Hwh Puri Express (12837) 07:25 Y
Puri Bkn Express (14710) Starts N

Is Ola available in Puri?

Ola taxi is not available in Puri. You can get private taxi or Auto Rickshaw to roam in and around the city.

Which month is best for Puri?

The best time to visit Puri is from June to March. The city experiences its monsoon season in the month of June to September. Generally the city witnesses medium rainfall in its initial stage and then in the end of the month it experiences heavy rainfall. The city witness its summer season in the month of March to May.

Why is Saharanpur called SRE?

Saharanpur city’s name was given after the Saint Shah Haroon Chishti. A very famous temple of “Shakumbhri Devi” is situated in Saharanpur….

Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
District Saharanpur

How many railway station are there in Saharanpur?

Saharanpur Junction railway station

Saharanpur Junction
Line(s) Moradabad–Ambala line, Delhi–Meerut–Saharanpur line, Delhi–Shamli–Saharanpur line
Platforms 6
Tracks 10
Connections Auto stand