What kind of company is Mainfreight?

Mainfreight Limited is a listed-New Zealand logistics and transport company headquartered in Auckland. Mainfreight commenced operations in Auckland in 1978 and is one of the largest freight companies in New Zealand. It was listed on the New Zealand Exchange in 1996.

Who is the owner of Mainfreight?

founder Bruce Plested
Mainfreight founder Bruce Plested says businesses can help solve inequality and low wage growth through profit sharing with employees, which this year cost the company $27 million.

What is Mainfreight do?

Company Profile As a global logistics provider, Mainfreight offers managed warehousing and international and domestic freight forwarding. With team and branches across Australia, China, Europe, New Zealand and the Americas Mainfreight continues to expand its global footprint.

Is Mainfreight a public company?

The Mainfreight Story In 1996, we went public and listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. To this day, we continue to be one of the best performing businesses on the New Zealand stock exchange.

How does Mainfreight create value?

One of Mainfreight’s core value propositions is the ability to streamline and manage transport and logistics for their customers, so they can focus on core business rather than the business of shipping and logistics.

How many employees does Mainfreight have?

Mainfreight/Number of employees

Who is the CEO of Mainfreight?

Ben Fitts
We are pleased to announce that Ben Fitts is the new CEO of Mainfreight in Europe. He has been a team member of Mainfreight since 1997. He started working as a student in Christchurch driving a forklift over summer vacation.

How is Mainfreight innovative?

Being first in our market to introduce innovations such as barcode scanning, online tracking and full supply chain tracking, we have developed our own IT systems over 25 years. Our freight tracking, freight management, shipment portals and dispatch systems are world class.

Is Mainfreight a good investment?

If you are looking for stocks with good return, Mainfreight Limited can be a profitable investment option. Mainfreight Limited quote is equal to 95.760 NZD at 2021-10-04. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +106.53%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $206.53 in 2026.

How do I buy Mainfreight shares?

To buy shares in Mainfreight you’ll need a share-dealing account with an online or offline stock broker. Once you have opened your account and transferred funds into it, you’ll be able to search and select shares to buy and sell.

Why is Mainfreight successful?

“We have been successful so far because we’re linking the 22 countries that we’re in with trade and customers. Air New Zealand, for example, has also been very successful in terms of understanding that they are a link to and from New Zealand.

How does mainfreight create value?

What does Mainfreight, inc.do for a living?

Phone. (310) 900-1974. Company Description. Mainfreight, Inc. (which does business as Mainfreight USA) arranges the transportation of its customers’ cargo and provides services that include handling, packing, and containerization, as well as preparation of shipping documents.

Who was the founder of the company Mainfreight?

Mainfreight was founded on 6 March 1978 by Bruce Plested who started the company with just $ 7,200.00 and a 1969 Bedford Truck. In 1979, Bruce Plested partnered with Neil Graham, with Mr Graham taking over the running of the business. When the company was founded it entered a highly regulated transport market.

How many Mainfreight locations are there in the US?

It focuses on shipments heavier than 50 lbs. that require second-day delivery. Items transported include clothing, computers and other electronic equipment, and software. On its own and through agents, Mainfreight USA has facilities in more than 35 US cities.

What makes Mainfreight a successful supply chain company?

The Mainfreight success is built on Three Pillars of Culture, Family and Philosophy. These principles make up the foundation of our company values and ethics dating back to our earliest days. Our people are the engine behind what makes Mainfreight special.