Where can I watch Flag Wars?

Watch Flag Wars | Prime Video.

What is the movie Flag Wars about?

In the decaying, historically black Olde Towne East area of Columbus, Ohio, residents perceive themselves as being forced out of their homes by affluent gay couples trying to create a neighborhood for themselves. This documentary focuses on Linda Mitchell, a longtime resident who finds herself in danger of losing her house when she cannot afford to maintain her desirable property. With tensions rising, the gay gentrifiers soon find themselves the targets of violence and robbery.
Flag Wars/Film synopsis

When was Flag Wars filmed?

Flag Wars is a 2003 American documentary film about the conflict between two communities during the gentrification of a Columbus, Ohio neighborhood.

What is gentrification Flag Wars?

Flag Wars tells the story of what happened to the Olde Towne East community in Columbus, Ohio when the neighborhood went through the process of gentrification in the mid-to-late 1990s. The term is often used negatively, suggesting the displacement of poor communities by rich outsiders. …

Why is gentrification bad?

Gentrification often increases the economic value of a neighborhood, but the resulting demographic displacement may itself become a major social issue. In addition to these potential benefits, gentrification can lead to population migration and displacement.

Who profits from gentrification?

The richest 20 percent of households received 73 percent of these benefits, worth about $50 billion a year. The wealthiest one percent — those with incomes over $327,000 (for one-person households) and over $654,000 (for four-person households) — get 15 percent of the benefits.

Why is citizen 4 rated R?

“Citizenfour” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). Not because of the nightmarish spectacle of unchecked state power, but because of the swearing it occasionally provokes.

Where can I see citizen 4?

It premiered on Home Box Office on February 23, 2015, the day after the 87th Academy Awards and was subsequently released for streaming on HBO Go. Channel 4 broadcast it in the United Kingdom on February 25, 2015 and has released it for view-on-demand through March 4, 2015.

Is gentrification a dirty word?

Gentrification means a variety of different things to different people, but who gets to decide whether the word has a positive or negative connotation? In many cases, it is actually considered to be a dirty word in the world of social politics and a good thing to real estate investors.

What is the most gentrified city in the US?

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A new study claims San Francisco and Oakland are the most “intensely gentrified” cities in the United States. The National Community Reinvestment Coalition analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Is Citizenfour on any streaming service?

Currently you are able to watch “Citizenfour” streaming on Criterion Channel, IMDB TV Amazon Channel or for free with ads on Tubi TV, The Roku Channel.

What was the story of the Flag Wars?

The “Flag Wars” story is one of complex cultural conflict where planning code and neighborhood policy is used as weaponry to arm the newcomers with even more privilege than they already possess. I’ve been considering doing some real estate investing and I came across a mention of this film on a Wikipedia page about gentrification.

What was the Jury Award for Flag Wars?

Winner of the Jury Award at the South by Southwest Film Festival, Flag Wars is a candid, unvarnished portrait of privilege, poverty and local politics taking place across America. An Consortium (NBPC) co-presentation.

Where does the movie Flag Wars take place?

Flag Wars is set in Olde Towne East, a historically Black neighborhood of working-class homeowners in Columbus, Ohio. Many of the old homes in Olde Towne are gorgeous big family-friendly Victorians set back from the street with big steps, generous yards and 2-car driveways.