Where do most Sunni Muslim live?

Sunni Muslims are vast majority of Muslims in most Muslim communities in Central Asia (including China), Europe (including Russia and the Balkans), South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Arab World, Turkey and among Muslims in the United States where in Shias are approximately 10%.

Which country is Sunni Muslim?

Shias comprise a majority in Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain, and a plurality in Lebanon, while Sunnis make up the majority of more than forty countries from Morocco to Indonesia.

Is Sunni The largest religion?

Sunni Islam (/ˈsuːni, ˈsʊni/) is by far the largest branch of Islam, followed by 85–90% of the world’s Muslims.

Is Malaysia Shia or Sunni?

The official code of Islam in Malaysia is Sunni, and the practice of any other form of Islam is heavily restricted.

Is Kuwait Sunni or Shia?

Islam is the main religion of the citizens of Kuwait and the majority of Kuwaiti citizens are Muslim; it is estimated that 60%–65% are Sunni and 35%–40% are Shias.

What do the Sunnis believe?

The Sunnis believe that Muhammad had no rightful heir and that a religious leader should be elected through a vote among the Islamic community’s people. They believe that Muhammad’s followers chose Abu Bakr , Muhammad’s close friend and advisor, as his successor. Most Muslims are Sunnis. A.

What are the basic beliefs of Muslims?

Basic Beliefs of Muslims in Islam: Muslims are the ones who are followers of Allah. They have belief in Islam so they worship Allah and confess that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah. As Islam is the religion of faith and it is one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

What is the biggest Islamic country?

Following is a list of top ten countries with the largest Muslim population Around the Globe. From The Different Authentic Sources it is concluded that Indonesia is The country which has the highest Muslim population in the world. It is the world’s largest Islamic nation .

What are the Sunni Muslim countries?

At least 85% of Muslims are Sunnis. They are the majority in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. Shiites are the majority in Iran and Iraq. They also have large minority communities in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, and Azerbaijan .