Who sings Beyond the River Jordan?

Melissa Brady
Just Beyond the River Jordan/Artists

Who wrote the River Jordan?

The River (Jordan Feliz song)

“The River”
Single by Jordan Feliz
Label Centricity Music
Songwriter(s) Jordan Feliz, Joshua Silverberg, Colby Wedgeworth
Producer(s) Colby Wedgeworth

Who is the singer in the river?

The River (Garth Brooks song)

“The River”
Genre Country
Length 4:25
Label Liberty 57765
Songwriter(s) Victoria Shaw, Garth Brooks

What is the meaning of Neil Young’s song Down by the river?

It’s about blowing your thing with a chick. It’s a plea, a desperate cry.” Later, when introducing the song in New Orleans on September 27, 1984, Young said that the song depicts a man “who had a lot of trouble controlling himself” who catches his woman cheating on him, then meets her down by the river and shoots her.

Who wrote the song Take me to your river?

Al Green
Teenie Hodges
Take Me To The River/Composers

What do rivers contain?

The water that flows in rivers is fresh, meaning that it contains less than one percent salt. However, rivers still carry and distribute important salts and nutrients to support plant and animal life. For this reason, some of the most biodiverse habitats on our planet can be found around rivers.

Who wrote the song down to one?

Dallas Davidson
Down to One/Composers

Is Talking Heads Take Me to the River a cover?

The song returned to the US top 30 in 1979 thanks to Talking Heads; it was the band’s only single that was a cover version and was representative of their shift from art-punk to more groove-oriented music. Lead singer David Byrne later praised the way the song “combines teenage lust with baptism”.

Who sung Take Me to the River?

Al Green
Take Me To The River/Artists

Is river a groundwater?

Water in streams contains groundwater It is probably a common conception that the water flowing in rivers and streams comes from precipitation runoff from the landscape into the river.

What does the song River of Jordan say?

I’m going down to the River Of Jordan. And let the cool waters cleanse my soul. King Naaman was stricken with dreaded leprosy. And he sent for the man of God to pray. But Elisha said to Naaman “go dip yourself in Jordan”. And let the cool waters wash your spots away. So he went right down to the River Of Jordan.

Who is the singer of Lecrae river of Jordan?

Lecrae – River of Jordan (feat. Breyan Isaac) [from The Shack] (Official Audio) If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What does the song Walking Jordan’s Road mean?

In other songs, “walking Jordan’s road” suggests living a Christian life, and “going down” to the river can suggest making a commitment to Christian life through baptism, as in “I’m Going Down to the River of Jordan”: Some of these days, Hallelujah… I’m going to feast off milk and honey…

What does the Jordan River mean to African Americans?

The American theologian James Cone suggests that there are two basic meanings of the Jordan River as a symbol in African American spirituals.