Why did Klaus kill all 12 hybrids?

It’s purpose is to use the energy of the twelve souls to allow Bonnie Bennett to access a kind of Dark Magic called Expression (the worst magic), to perform the spell required to open the tomb of the first Immortal man ever; Silas.

How many hybrids does Klaus kill?

twelve hybrids
Although Klaus was not aware of his pack’s betrayal until the mid-season finale O Come, All Ye Faithful, once he had learned what they had done, he violently killed all twelve hybrids (except for Tyler) with the Hunter’s Sword he had recently found, as well as Tyler’s mother, Carol Lockwood, for good measure/revenge.

What hybrid does Klaus kill in the originals?

werewolf-vampire hybrid
Klaus feeds Tyler his blood To become a werewolf-vampire hybrid, a werewolf must have either Klaus or Hope’s Blood in their system before they are killed so they can awaken a short time later in transition.

Can Klaus make hybrids without Elena’s blood?

Klaus was the first ever hybrid. To create them, he would have needed to kill a werewolf with his blood in their system, and then have them drink his blood again to transition into a vampire.

Why can’t Klaus be killed?

@gamergirl. Klaus can be killed by the White Oak Stake just like the rest. That’s the only thing that can kill him. The reason he said at the time he couldn’t be killed was because the stake was gone, leaving presumably no weapon left to kill him.

Why is Hayley not sired hope?

3 Hayley Wasn’t Sired To Hope At the end of the first season of The Originals, Hayley dies with Hope’s blood in her system, and thus she transitions into a hybrid after completing the transition with more of Hope’s blood.

Do hybrids need to drink blood?

Human doppelgänger blood was also a necessary component for Klaus, the Original hybrid, to turn other triggered werewolves into hybrids. Instead of feeding on regular human blood after awakening during the transition period like vampires have to, these hybrids instead needed feed on human doppelgänger blood.

Why can’t a vampire dagger an original without dying?

The daggers must be used only by humans, because if it is wielded by non-Original vampires and possibly Werewolves, the dagger will claim both lives. The daggers were originally owned by the first members of the Brotherhood of the Five, supernaturally enhanced vampire hunters.

Is Lucien loyal to Klaus?

After learning that Aurora had thrown Rebekah’s neutralized body into the sea and the Originals capturing Tristan, Lucien handed over the Serratura to Klaus, as a show of apology and renewed loyalty.

Does hope Mikaelson have to drink blood?

Hayley died with Hope’s blood in her system and woke up in transition to become a hybrid. In order to complete the transition, as a hybrid, she had to drink Hope’s blood a second time.

How did Klaus kill all of his hybrids?

Klaus even killed 12 of his hybrids that he himself created which are stronger than regular vampires and werewolves. Klaus is strong enough to extract hearts by punching holes in the chest of his enemies even casually tears limbs off Vampires and werewolves.

How did Klaus become a vampire and a hybrid?

When Klaus eventually breaks the curse that forced his werewolf side to remain dormant he became the original hybrid. All the abilities of a Vampire and weaknesses included and also all the strengths of being a werewolf and weaknesses of that too.

Who was killed by Klaus in O Come All Ye Faithful?

In O Come, All Ye Faithful , every hybrid (with the exception of Tyler) was slaughtered by Klaus. after Hayley confessed that all of his hybrids had broken their sire bonds and were planning to take Klaus down. As soon as Klaus broke his hybrid curse, he immediately began trying to build his pack.

Why does Klaus have a pack in the Vampire Diaries?

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, the gang discovered that Tyler (and the other hybrids) were sire-bound to Klaus out of gratitude that they would no longer have to go through the agony of their shift to wolf-form during the full moon. Klaus used this bond to his advantage by using his pack as both minions and bodyguards to protect him.